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Services That We Offer

The Move Advisors vast network of moving service providers offer moving services not just in Illinois, but wherever you live in the continental United States. So whether locally, state to state or internationally even, our team of moving partnerships and their movers specialize in local moves, long distance moves, packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, storage, business moves, warehouse moves, laboratory moves, staging, internal moves for businesses, carpet moves, and moving just a few items around your home or business when needed !!


Boxes and Supplies

The Move Advisors moving service providers offer a wide range and variety of moving supplies for any type of move. We have 2 wheel dollies, 4 wheel dollies, appliance dollies tape, paper pads, shrink-wrap, bubble wrap, television boxes, picture boxes, small boxes, book boxes, medium, large, extra large boxes, and even special boxes for your, files, dishes, clothes and those items that wont fit into normal boxes. Best of all !!! For a small fee we will deliver packing materials, boxes, and supplies directly to your home or business.

Moving Businesses

Office and Industrial moves require special attention to detail.  Our experienced and professional moving service providers will send a consultant to your office, sit down with you and make a specialized plan that suits your business relocation needs. Their move consultants and planners will go over every little detail of your move with you.

Their team of moving professionals will handle your relocation with speed, safety, efficiency and professionalism that is unmatched.


Residential Moves

Along with the many residential services that we offer. Our moving service providers offer a free over the phone or virtual estimate for a 2 bedroom apartment or smaller. For larger moves or storage facilities one of their experienced Move Consultants will come out to your home or office and go through every aspect of your move, as well as the cost and needs with you.

Packing & Unpacking

Nobody packs and unpacks better than our moving service providers do. The Move Advisors and their providers are professional packers for some of the biggest names in the moving industry. This doesn't just mean you get the best packers in the moving industry, it means that whether they are under constant scrutiny to be the very best packers the moving industry has to offer.

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