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Moving Tips

Have questions? Need help? Our vast network of moving companies and other partnerships can help with any questions that you may have in regards to moving.Just follow some of the pointers below, have your questions ready and give The Move Advisors a call and we will happily answer your moving questions. Our moving service providers will provide you a free phone, in person or virtual estimate for your move.


Big or small, local or long distance, residential or business, warehousing or storage. Each move has a different set of needs. Follow our helpful tips for a smoother, easier relocation.

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Residential Moves

Whether you are moving across town, to another county, or out of state moving your home and its contents can be a daunting task. that is best left up to the professionals. 3 quotes from qualified and professional moving companies.

Movers Carrying Shelving Unit

Commercial Moves

Not all moving companies are alike and neither are all moves. If you are moving a library, school, laboratory, warehouse, factory, or industrial company you will need the right moving company. Pick up the phone. Give us a call and we will steer you in the right direction.

Male Movers

Specialty Moves

Whether you are moving fine chine, a baby grand piano, a china cabinet, gun safe from your home or a library, laboratory, computers, laptops, monitors or highly classified date, The Move Advisors and their network of service providers will make sure that your items will be handled and cared for in a proper and secured manner.


Have items ready to go when the movers arrive.

Have stickers or designate which rooms the items are moving to in marker on the boxes.

Have an adult within earshot at all times in case the movers have a question. Have placards or sticky notes at destination so the movers know exactly what each room is called.


Why wait until after the move to toss out your not needed items? Donate them to a local charity, give them to a neighbor in need or just toss them out with the trash.

Hire the Right Movers

With The Move Advisors vetting system you need not worry if you have the right moving company for your home, office, office, or industrial move. We vet the companies for you, and make recommendations based on your needs.


Drug test, background checks, covid free movers? You bet ! Our service providers hire and train only the best of the best!


All of our service providers have contracts with the number one, and number two supplier of boxes and materials, so we can provide you the best quality tape, boxes, shrink-wrap, furniture pads and more for your move. Want to purchase some from them? They deliver !!


The Move Advisors recommended service providers will pack anything in your home that you like, but the more we pack, the more you spend. Why not do the easy stuff like books, clothes, tupperware and other un-breakables yourselves and let them pack the hard stuff like, plates, glassware, china, statues, ceramics, pictures and televisions. It will save you money and keep your moving costs down.!!

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